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                        1430 1023 01

                        SAKES No. 1430 1023 01
                        Main OE 038 103 603 L
                        Other OE
                        Parts Name Oil Pan
                        Description With Holes
                        Application BO99-01/GOLF98-01/A3 97-03/OCT97-00/LE00-06/TO99-04
                        Parts superiority  

                        Packing Process

                        Laser Mark

                        • Gas Spring,Boot / Audi A6

                        • Air Conditioning Filter / Single Effect / 07-12 Audi A6L / External

                        • Water pump / 13 Santana / 5 holes

                        • Clutch Disc/New Santana 1.4

                        Packing Style

                        • Standard Specification for Outbox Packaging

                        • Standard specification of Inner Box